The Black Staff Association of the United Methodist Church is a non-profit professional organization dedicated to serving the needs of black staff serving The United Methodist Church in staff positions with UMC boards, agencies, conferences, jurisdictions, and districts. BSA will work collaboratively with all segments of The United Methodist Church in order to strengthen relationships that help to equip staff to more effectively network, empower and engage missional in our communities as we seek to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of our global world.



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2017-2018 BSA Officers

Rori Blakeney
Discipleship Ministries – Young People Ministries

Vice President
Royya James
United Methodist Communications

Maurita Bowie
General Commission on Religion and Race

Nominating/Program Committee Chair
John W. Coleman Jr.
Eastern Pennsylvania Conference

Communications Chair
Sharon Dean
General Council on Finance and Administration

Harris K. Tay
West Ohio Conference


Wesley United Methodist Church and the City of New Orleans

I think that a church built by slaves from Africa in their spare time MUST be preserved especially for the sake of our youth. Not to do this impeaches the dignity of both these men and women. Ditto as their descendants.

Just now in a discussion on black literature on C Span Book TV somebody mentioned a comparison between Puzzo's “God Father” and Hip Hop. Both are thug thug driven.

1. The Corelone family came out of a land which for centuries was riven by invasion. When things got “bad,“ people in Southern Italy always turned to their families for survival. Ultimately these held civilization together. (See Barzini “The Italians.”)

2. We on the other hand dump our youths onto the streets the disposable commodities of Jim Crow damaged families, inferior education, diminished economic opportunities, urban renewal and police and prison systems. The later always toss off too much money in police and prison pay roles and government contracts.

Given this post Katrina policies have to be reversed - scattering 100,000 men women and children whose homes flooded all across across the US. Many descended from up to five generations New Orleans residency.

Shades of Anti Mexican Immigration-ism in America? I'm afraid so!

This is also the way that under handed or linked government contractors get profitable redevelopment “projects.” Granted they have their skilled work force. Never-the-less But as these are closed to competitive hiring including apprenticeship we will never know the true poblic cost of various projects.

More than any other population Black New Orleans gave America its music.

Not even the French Quarter can stand alone as a “tourist bubble.” Unless places like the Lower 9th Ward are put back on its own feet creativity in  New Orleans will be found wanting.

Now shockingly, unbelievable\y, plans have been drawn up “re-develop” Wesley United into a “parking lot!”

Wesley United, “built by slaves in their spare time” in the 1830s it has been supported by the community ever since. It's large or at at least adequate rooms it must continue to serve the community as a learning and spiritual bridgehead for the continued nurture of New Orleans and American creativity.

George Pope
San Mateo California

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