The Black Staff Association of the United Methodist Church is a non-profit professional organization dedicated to serving the needs of black staff serving The United Methodist Church in staff positions with UMC boards, agencies, conferences, jurisdictions, and districts. BSA will work collaboratively with all segments of The United Methodist Church in order to strengthen relationships that help to equip staff to more effectively network, empower and engage missional in our communities as we seek to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of our global world.



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2017-2018 BSA Officers

Rori Blakeney
Discipleship Ministries – Young People Ministries

Vice President
Royya James
United Methodist Communications

Maurita Bowie
General Commission on Religion and Race

Nominating/Program Committee Chair
John W. Coleman Jr.
Eastern Pennsylvania Conference

Communications Chair
Sharon Dean
General Council on Finance and Administration

Harris K. Tay
West Ohio Conference


The Center for Courage & Renewal (CCR) works to create a more just, compassionate, and healthy world – and sustain the leadership we need for such a world – by nurturing personal and professional integrity and the courage to act on it. Founded by prominent educator, author, and activist Parker J. Palmer, CCR helps leaders and professionals of all kinds bring their integrity and humanity to the places where they work, serve, and live. We do so through programs based on our Circle of Trust® approach, a set of principles and practices that “reconnect who we are with what we do” in order to build self-awareness and relational trust. Equipped with these skills, leaders are better able to sustain themselves and inspire others for the long haul, working together to transform the institutions and communities they serve.

CCR is at the hub of a growing worldwide network of Courage & Renewal facilitators who bring the Circle of Trust approach to individuals, organizations, and communities across a range of professions. In retreats, programs, and other settings, our global network of trained facilitators create a safe space in which participants can connect to their core identity and values; strengthen their resilience so they can continue to act as forces for positive change; learn reflective and contemplative practices that allow them to be more intentional in their work; experience ways of building community based on trust, mutual respect, and connectedness; and cultivate the courage to act with integrity and inspire others to do the same.

CCR’s mission is becoming more important every day, as we see distrust, stress, isolation, and burnout causing once-committed people to lose their sense of purpose and passion, grow disillusioned and disengaged, and eventually distance themselves from those they serve. Courage & Renewal practices allow people to experience what becomes possible when they bring integrity and humanity to the places they live and work. Through our network, we have been able to share the transformative nature of Courage & Renewal practices with increasing numbers of individual participants, who then bring this perspective to the communities and organizations they lead, growing the impact of our work exponentially. CCR’s strategy for raising awareness and changing behavior to promote a more just, compassionate, and healthy world is threefold:

  • We equip our facilitators to use our approach with practitioners across many fields, multiplying their impact on the communities they serve.
  • We engage people to experience and practice our approach through a variety of resources and programs, including CCR facilitator-led retreats, workshops, team coaching, customized consulting, speaking presentations, and program series.
  • We connect people to other practitioners, facilitators, programs, and resources to continue deepening their practice and organizing purpose-driven communities.

In every aspect of our work, we are guided by key principles and practices, and by our core values of integrity, authenticity, diversity, community, courage, love, hope, and renewal.

To learn more about how Courage & Renewal is changing the lives of individuals and communities, please view stories of transformation here.


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